Our Vision

Baarei means 'Ever Evolving' or 'Ever Inventing'.

We thought the name was fitting, since Artificial Intelligence is at the core of what we do. We have been fascinated by AI ever since our college days, particularly due to its immense promise. Back then, AI was an intellectual curiosity relegated to research papers. Today, it's at the core of many consumer and enterprise products alike, reaching the hands of millions. Few can debate the magnitude of the impact AI will have on our society. But few can also be sure of what course AI will take. It could drastically improve work life, or lead to mass unemployment. It could open scopes of warfare, or help mitigate disease.

At Baarei, we firmly believe that whether AI is ultimately beneficial or harmful, depends upon our actions today. We believe that not only do we have the power to influence the course of AI, but also that it is incumbent upon us to play our part. We see a future where AI redefines our relationship with work, such that we can spend more time with our families and communities. Because ultimately we should all do what we do best: build empathy.


Omer Aftab


Omer loves great events. Especially those related to cars. When not browsing cars on Instagram, Omer can be spotted hiking, running or eating ice cream. Previously Omer ran business operations at Delphix. He began his career in product marketing. Omer graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Asad Akram


Asad is passionate about coding, cooking and is an avid car enthusiast. Prior to Baarei, Asad led software engineering teams at Salesforce and was founding member of Lightning Dialer product in Salesforce. Asad started his career as a software engineer at Motorola after completing masters in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Core Values

Trust. Innovate. Persevere. Solve.