Events are a team sport.

But Marketing and Sales seldom play together.

Sales questions the value Marketing adds. Sales doesn't use the tools or processes that Marketing wants. Communication is a sore point. Planning together is a struggle. And results are often debated.

How do you deliver on programs that actually work for Sales? How do you balance budget and Sales demands? How do you measure your impact across each member of the Sales team?


Align with metrics, plan with insights.

Eliminate data blinders in Marketing's biggest spend.

Events are the most expensive source of your leads. But which teams followed up and what became of your leads? Where did your highest quality leads come from? Which trade shows should you attend next?

With Baarei, the answers are no longer a shot in the dark. From lead lifecycle to event cost management, we use best-in-class analytics to help you get your Marketing and Sales teams on the same page.

But don't just rely on algorithms. Poll our community for ideas, insights into trade shows you should be going to, or simply for recommendations.

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Collaborate without noise.

Transparency without information overload.

Chat streams are distracting. Check-ins and status updates are annoying. How do you drive accountability across your teams but cut out the noise?

With Baarei, we keep communication honest. Conversations are task or event-based. All communication and files are sorted by event, so you no longer need to sift through email chains or folders. Powerful global search gets you the updates, conversations, files, or data you need.

But collaboration without results is meaningless. With Baarei, see the impact your team has on your internal customers. Intelligent updates keep you posted on your team's progress, without the need for check-ins.


The Ultimate Workbench for Marketing

The one platform to replace all your point solutions


Understand pipeline, marketing program coverage across sales reps. Get cross-event view of all stakeholder contribution, results.

AI Assistant

Get CRM data with Natural Language. Automate internal email ("ask for contract status from Legal") and daily tasks.

Project Management

Do away with spreadsheets, to-do lists, or generic project management tools.

CRM Integration

Automate campaign creation, lead upload. Create campaign analytics dashboards, lead conversion funnels, opportunity history.

Collaboration Center

Collaborate with Sales to identify Key Accounts. Manage customer reference program together. Build personas together.

Smart Surveys

Automate feedback collection from Sales with survey templates, Sales Rep-focused app. Get Sales voice in all marketing programs.

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